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NDIS Therapeutic support services for adults

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We are a not-for-profit organization providing therapeutic services NDIS Emerton to older people and those with disabilities under National Disability Insurance Scheme to lead a life full of self-reliance and freedom. We are here to provide care and sustenance so that your loves ones with special needs can lead a life full of joy and contentment. We give the foremost preference to your choices so that we plan and execute your daily individual goals. Our professionals are proficient and sympathetic as we treat each of our clients with respect. We are supportive of our cultural and family needs striving our best to provide a life of dignity and comfort. Our duty is to provide excellent services as we put your satisfaction and requirement first.

Healing Therapeutic support

NDIS Therapeutic supports in Emerton provides specialist support services for older adults and those with special needs under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We strive to provide independence and strengthen you to make choices that empower you everyday . We have forged partnerships with high quality organisations to provide therapeutic support services like behaviour support, therapy services, dietetics, psychologists, speech pathologists, family and carer support, individual counselling, psychology, physical occupational therapy and mental health occupational therapy. We also provide NDIS therapeutic support services for adults that include social work and counselling like psycho-social assessment, support for limitations and disabilities, family and career support, problem solving, individual counselling and capacity building and skill development. We will give the utmost preference and importance to your choices as we plan and execute your individual needs . Our professionals are professionally trained and empathically treat every individual with thoughfulness.

We make sure that we strive to provide comfort, safety and dignity as we take care of your family and cultural needs. Our responsibility is to provide excellent services bu putting your needs first. Our therapeutic services for adults are designed to be professional and reliable. We help you to meet your daily life goals whether that means getting the groceries or taking you for your weekly medical or dental appointment or doing your laundry or cleaning up your home. We also cater to special needs like language interpretation, community nursing services, disability support services, home modification and renovation and assistive products for household tasks. We provide services that are dependable and all our professionals act with honesty, commitment. Our greatest goal is to provide peace of mind and consistency. We cater high quality services that will allow you to choose emancipation and self-determination as you meet you daily goals.

We provide participants with disabilities arming them skills that will strengthen them for Social and community participation Emerton. We will help you meet daily and weekly goals by providing skills that will encourage you to participate in events that require civic participation. We encourage you to have skills that will make you confident and build on your skills to facilitate community NDIS. Some of the services we provide to encourage social participation include tuition fees, sports coaching, art classes, camps and vacation activities. The participants are also armed with skills to help you with universal recreational activities like dance, singing, art, horse riding etc.

How We Work

We're here to make living at home easier,

Development of daily life skills NDIS

NDIS Home & garden maintenance Emerton

Development Life Skills NDIS offersthe participant's daily life skills Emerton and development exercises Emerton. It also provides special personality development life skills, development of behavioural life skills and daily living support services. It provides support to participants to gain knowledge and confidence that can provide greater independence. The skill and training development exercises include public transport training and support, developing skills for community and social and recreational participation. The other programs that are offered are personal hygiene, bill paying, money handling, household tasks, time management and problem solving. The disability life skills program also include meal planning and preparation and other skill development activities for disabled that will emancipate and set them free from the daily challenges that they faced in their daily routine.

Assist Personal activities NDIS gives out assistance to people with disabilities that will make life easy. Our professionals are friendly and professional and will support you in assistance with daily living. People who are aged or suffer from disability cannot do their daily jobs efficiently are given help to meet their daily life goals. We will be responsible for the personal hygiene activities of such people like

  • Showering
  • Oral hygiene
  • Dressing
  • Assistance in eating and drinking
  • Assisting in mobility to get in and out of bed
  • Toileting and bowel and bladder management.
  • Taking you to weekly or monthly appointments to the doctor’s office or dental clinic.

We offer high intensity daily personal activities which are specialised and skilled support to people who can't meet their daily life goals. The participant requires assistance from a skilled support worker with experience and qualifications that will help them with their daily life needs.The participant might need help in managing complex needs that require intensive behaviour support. It could also be for continual medical support like

  • High medical assistance like respiratory support and unstable seizure activity
  • Showering
  • Dressing
  • Oral hygiene
  • Mobility support to get in and out of bed are taken care of.

We are certified Household Tasks NDIS provider Emerton which will give you helpful assistance with daily life. This includes meal preparation, home maintenance, yard maintenance, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, living areas and bedroom cleaning. Our trained NDIS support workers also help you in important daily tasks

  • Cleaning stoves tops
  • Wiping down bench tops
  • Cleaning the interiors of fridges
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping floors
  • Dusting
  • Dishwashing
  • Changing bed linen
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Essential ironing

Assistive products for safety and household tasks

Assist prod-pers care/ safety NDIS will give safety equipment for personal care of individuals who suffer from disability and have special needs. These products are personal care products and home modifications that will provide a secure environment. The products we supply include beds and pressure mattresses, toilet and bathroom equipment and specialised clothing and continence needs like adult diapers. Every product will ensure that your life will become easier. It will give you confidence and assurance of a life that will be easier. All the assistive products for personal care and safety are of the best quality and are offer the latest technology to all the participants of NDIS program.

Assistive products for household tasks are state of the art special aids and equipment that will empower you in your daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, washing and home maintenance. As an approved provider of National Disability Insurance scheme our mission is to provide our participants with a high quality life and improve on their personal goals. We cater to your mobility needs by supplying wheelchairs and other mobility aids that will allow you to stay active as well as other products that will aid in cumbersome daily tasks like showering, toileting and other routine activities. Some of the high quality equipment that we provide to aid you in your daily tasks are

  • Alarms
  • Door bells
  • Adapted clocks
  • Programmable memory aids
  • Environmental control units (ECUs).

Registered NDIS Nursing services

Community Nursing Care NDIS caters home nursing disability care services to disabled and ill people promoting health and fitness in the community. NDIS Nursing services Emerton offers registered nursing health support to people from many different cultural backgrounds and with various illnesses with the best healthcare services. Professional nurses work closely with their local communities to ensure health and safety. They identify problems and obstacles to a healthy lifestyle and general wellness and work to remove these issues to promote health and wellness. Home nursing disability care services Emerton provide post-acute care to people suffering from illnesses and disabilities. These nurses are professional and well-trained and have impeccable communication skills, patience and are open to working in clinical settings and in homes.

home modification ndis Emerton Home modification builders Emerton

NDIS registered home modification

We provide home modifications Emerton, assistive technologies,home renovation,home modificationsand designs and home renovation to give the best accessible and friendly homes to improve the quality of life. We give out the best for builders and designers to deliver accessible homes, home modification, renovation, new build, development, modification and maintenance. We will design customised plans through concept development, planning approval, contracting and construction work to give you home renovations and new house builds that are disability friendly and comfortable for older people. We are specialists in providing home repairs and maintenance for your home, bathroom or kitchen renovation, disability bathrooms, extension, ramp or lift installation. Our NDIS approved builders offer services which include in-home consultation, occupational therapy assessment, architectural design, assistive technology, building project management, interior and landscape design. We aim at providing accessible homes that focus on best design, enhanced independence, safety and enhanced lifestyle.

Transport assistance NDIS

We are also providers of transport funding and transport assistance for participants who cannot utilise public transport because of their disability. Our transport assistance professionals possess a valid driver's license and police background check and have all the valid qualifications. Taxis and specialist transport arrangements will drive you to your weekly doctors appointments or grocery shopping outings and take you back home when you are done. The transport assistance NDIS professionals and NDIS removalists will provide safe and convenient transport services and make all necessary arrangments to ensure your safety and security. Our assist/travel/transport professionals can be booked for weekly trips or regular daily trips.

Accommodation/Tenancy assistance NDIS

Accommodation Tenancy NDIS provides and assists people with disabilities to meet their accommodation and tenancy goals. NDIS provides housing services support and housing investment options to steer your life towards independence, helping you to achieve daily goals that weren't possible earlier. We provide expert assistance to participants to meet their short term and long term housing goals, homelessness and emergency accommodation services, coordinate with DHHS, real estate agents or proprietors to identify problems that risk tenancy, implement effective strategies to maintain current tenancies, short term accommodation, look at alternative options of housing, public and community housing, assistance with private rental or house sharing and DHHS rental applications and to procure DHHS Bond loan and household essentials. We extend support with budgeting liaising with utility providers and assistance to obtain Utility Relief Grants and obtaining sustainable accommodation with freedom.

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